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"Suvarna Parva" Reviews in major national newspapers by Dance critics

Narthaki By Veejay Sai

Atsuko Maeda from Japan utilized movements like traditional Geishas with hand fans and explored how a synergy could be brought about. In a rather original and cute attempt, it was a sight to see the Japanese dancers try to do something different from what they learnt.

The Hindu

"Suvarna Parva" Reviews in major national newspapers by Dance critics

+The Hindu Dr Sunil Kothari

The surprise was three Japanese dancers, led by Atsuko Maeada, performing a dance piece collaborating Japanese accessories and folk tale creating a unique perspective in Kathak dance. She runs Kadam-Japan school in Tokyo and visits Ahmedabad regularly every year for further training.

The Statesman

"Suvarna Parva" Reviews in major national newspapers by Dance critics

+The Statesman Tapati Chowdhurie & Manjari Sinha

Choreographer Meada, a Japanese student of Lakhia, who runs the Japanese chapter of Kadamb along with Suhei Katsura and Yoko Yamazaki, wore Japanese costumes and accessories and made a great statement. Like Bengal, the folklore of Japan also believes if there is sunshine and rain at the same time, a fox’s wedding is on the cards! The dancers entered the performance area very gracefully wearing typical Japanese costumes with fans in hand. In the course of the dance, they revealed beautiful green costumes beneath. And their dance movements spoke of the rigour they had gone through. The three Japanese dancers provided a different perspective than what one is used to seeing.
ベンガルの地方の民話と同様に、日本でもお天気雨の時はキツネの結婚式は天空で行われていると考えています!ダンサーは非常に優雅に舞扇を手に、典型的な日本の衣装を着てパフォーマンスエリアに入りました。ダンスの過程で、彼らは下に美しい緑の衣装を明らかにしました。そして、彼らのダンスの動きは彼らが通過行っていた厳密さの話を聞きました。 3日本のダンサーは1つが見慣れているものとは異なる視点を提供します。

+The Statesman
Manjari Sinha

The other attractions of the inaugural evening were the Kathak Trio from Kadamb Japan with Japanese accessories and folklore by the dancer choreographer Atsuko Maeda and Uncharted Seas by Aditi Mangaldas and her Drishtikon Dance Company searching the subtlety and intangibility of the infinite.